Brandi made a second DVD, subtitled "Mini Skirt Views" and as opposed to giving you tempting views in her mansion she is taken out into the country where the viewer gets many upskirt and therefore panty views. Lots of pantied crotch and pantied bottom and upskirt angles galore. In a forest, the wiggle in her hips will cause a corresponding movement elsewhere and scenes in the car where her skirt is often pulled up and abruptly down when people wander by. This compliments the naughty fun. All this is a tempting preview entree to the main course; a serving up of the sweetest neatly trimmed box you'll ever see - or perhaps you love panty so much that which is contained within panty is dessert, an after taste, where panty once veiled. In a field, a panoramic view of her, looking upwards gazing into the tempting valley of her pantied puss - Robin, the DVDographer literally chats her into a sizzling show and tell. She laughs, happy that your penis will join in the ovation...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

Brandi Shot 2 Sampler

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