"Denise is a tall stunning brunette with a steamy come to bed look. She starts her DVD in a coat dress and black stockings in which she gives a tantilising few glimpses under before changing into a smart dark blue skirt and top and doing some great up the skirt posing at the ruins again! She wears those sexy lacy "Marks and Sparks" undies and she is a real turn on. We filmed her on the top of a flat top trailer we found on the farm, also with her in a flared tartan mini skirt standing on some farm machinery with me getting right up and under. You'll love this. We also went into a small storage area on the farm and she said - "What about if you film me pulling down my knickers and adding a bit of spice to things?' Who I am to spoil her fun ( and mine)! So Denise did and its a corking scene and she was wearing the pleated mini skirt at the time as well!

Just imagine taking the best looking girl in the office out at lunchtime for some forbidden pussy and you will start to get the feel of this DVD! Loads of other stuff included. She leans against a building "buttress", (the key word) on a very interesting angle, panties down, from back and panty caressing in front, as if served for your enjoyment. In the riding shed, Denise lifts her skirt so high that she coyfully hides her face with it; the "Ring 1" sign. by chance or design, is an apt description for her display. In the car and other places those gorgeous white panties are privately pulled aside because that's want your cock craves. A great DVD...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Originally analogue mastered - Remastered in DVD - Music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

Denise Mitchell Sampler

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