Elenore Edwards, six foot tall with long dark hair, a cute smile on a sweet face is the total cream of the crop and will make you cream. Elenore was 4 days past her 18th birthday when Nostalgic filmed her. Your cock will be the size of a British Telecom pole when you watch this horny young lass. Elenore was very nervous because she was a DVD virgin and needed to be gently educated. This lovely “newbie” with a diffident smile and a body to dream about learnt about the special beauty we find looking up inside the confines of her skirt; to panty and pretty puss. Contrary to her etiquette and upbringing, a young lady should open her legs and let men see her panties.

Nostalgic took their camera's around to her parents house. The dvdographer sat and had a chat next to her, to relieve her tension. She had put on her genuine old school uniform, including her old school jumper, knee length school pleated skirt and some bona fide college panties, right under her school skirt! Wanna see what she showed them? Suffice to say watching an 18 year old sweetie like Elenore pull her knickers (panties) down tentatively, will make your cock stand on end. Guaranteed!

Elenore also donned a pair of flesh tone stockings in the music room, laying on the floor with her WET slit glistening in the light, rubbing it and giving you a scene that will have you painting the walls white!

After the lounge they managed to get her into the small bedroom - and what went on in there will have you stuffing used kleenex into the waste bin!

Meal time in the kitchen and guess what menu is dished out. Elenore stands above you, and wrips her pantyhose encouraging an unimpeded view to her ornate white panties. She smiles as she delicately shows you up her skirt, how her panties cling, and she pulls them up tight within her vagina. The shade in the pics below discreetly hide what we are not allowed to show in an open venue. Buy this DVD for ball busting viewing. Elenore is in charge of the entertainment committee for your cock's wanton pleasure. ...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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Elenore Edwards Sampler

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