How much do you love upskirt and panty is the plaintive question Holly seems to ask. Holly is in the kitchen preparing a panty box special lunchtime treat. She is the entertainment and when she is reading her magazine, we're sure that if she dipped her fingers in her pussy, it sure would help both, the process of turning the pages and your erection. We aren't allowed to show your her beautiful, unfurled, unpantied lips of her quim, but her panty covering and panty only partly concealing this asset of her body, will keep you smug and satisfied. A masturbating miss, with the icing on the cake her cherry. In fact that is virtually the title Nostalgic originally gave this production. Holly, an English X rated actress, was visited and filmed by Nostalgic DVD, in her house and you will feast on the prevailing repast. A plethora of upskirt and panty as always...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

Holly Gold 2 Sampler

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