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Custom Productions

Please note: in fairness to our model, dvdographer's and us, that once your selected model has accepted and approved your custom script, we require a deposit of $100 USA before setting up a filming date.

   Like beautiful women in panties? Commission a custom DVD of lovely dark haired Jess West below, whom will tease and encourage all your panty tease needs.
Email us with a rough draft or more detailed outline of your script. General enquiries are also welcome.

Jess is wearing pretty panties but knows you love her to put them up her and let you smell them. “You need to see some juicy wet pussy, right?” she says. She gives you a little peek, but quickly realises that you'd much rather see it spread wide and knows a wet open pussy is all you need to spurt and she lays back and pulls herself wide open, "My c**t is all yours!”

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Don't disappoint your cock. Commission me Now!!

Other ladies, soon, will be ready and eager to tease you, with their panties; with productions completed monthly.

20 minutes footage with Jess West $200 USA.

30 minutes footage with Jess West $300 USA.

45 minutes footage with Jess West $450 USA.

60 minutes footage with Jess West $600 USA.

We prefer to sell these custom DVD productions later on site. Help us out and commission a custom production of Jess West. AND you will get the succulent used panties that Danielle wore. Have the joy of seeing your production going out into the world and entertaining others, plus your own personal DVD, well ahead of general DVD release.

Don't disappoint your cock. Commission Jess West Now!!