Jewel parades around in a denim skirt and black stockings; an entree into tonight's menu. "Come on - how do you want to do it?" Saunters to be right over the camera. "Now boys, got your cocks out yet?" Close up on those tight white panties. "Nice little tight panties and silky too."Approximately ten minutes of underneath views. She sighs, cooing as if talking directly, in the language your cock understands. Jewel squats, giving you a better look. Red shoes, black stockings, white panties, set of by lovely teasing smiles and giggles. "I'm going to give you the hardest, hardest hard on you've ever had!" She allows her legs to close and then open. "Just a peek!"Sucking on her finger she draws a comparision with a wish for your cock instead. Jewel laughs, enjoying her panty tease. A clothing change off screen; a dark split dress and time to jack off as she spreads to her tight pantied encased pussy. Her breasts come under study as they pout under her top. "Do you want to feel me up?" Jewel does the jack-off sign a few times over her panties - just the encouragement you need. Pink pussy lips in pretty pink panties. "Would you like my tongue on your cock? I want your cock!" Jewel stands on a chair, positioned for ample views up, often femininely stroking her long, dark hair. "Is it going to make you come?" Relenting she pulls her panties aside for a brief glimpse. "I want you to jism all over this pussy!" Her pussy is contained within a pair of red panties. In summary Jewel gives you a very gentle cock tease, undemanding, allowing you to spurt when you are good and ready with her lovely panties always the centre attraction. Poet, Robbie Burns, once wrote, "If a man only had one choice - what part of a woman would he touch?" The answer, not surprisingly - her c*nt. You'll now say her pantied c*nt!
We have re-released Jewel 3 in crystal clear DVD. You'll love her panty crotch and get off on her sexy talk. Jewel asks "Do we want to have a look up my skirt?"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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