Katie starts her adventure, looking at you, in full bottom wide crotch sheer panties.

Let the pics guide you. Love the close-ups of her sticking her fingers in her pussy and the shot of her bending over with her panties pulled down. She doesn't talk or smile here, very preoccupied with rubbing her crotch and ass. Katie's panties are at her ankles while she masturbates and her black stockings and stilettoes compliment this little scenario. Panty masturbation and Katie's pussy is expressing herself, lubricating through her panty crotch. Katie moves her hips up and down in a seductive manner while she is rubbing her crotch as if she - well you know.

Katie, short skirt, tiny pale pink panties on and oblivious to the camera walks into the room, noticing some magazines on the coffee table and bends over to read one. Nice shots from behind showing her panties sneaking out from beneath the skirt. Standing up with one magazine, then bending over a few times, to put it down and choosing mag. Katie continues to please, standing up, to just hide her panties. Finding a suitable magazine, she sits down her legs akimbo Seated, lady-like, keeping her legs closed to tease you but then crossing her legs, one side. Temptation.
Eventually she sits with both legs down and opens them up to show her crotch, giving an extended view, which the camera pans for a crotch smelling close-up. Leg movements - one foot up, swinging, leg left and right for a while, then leaving it open so the camera can peep - repeating with other leg. Bending over to look for things means another panty show.
Finally she stands facing the camera, and lifts her skirt up and down several times, teasing and shows the front of her panties. Smiling nicely at you - she loves to tease. Katie admits a little secret. “How would you like me to pull my panties down for you?"

"Have you ever inspected your wife's or girlfriends panties?"Katie spreads her legs, wearing white panties for your observation. She gives you some tips for making a panty inspection of her, although later she really wants you to teach her about her panties and her sexuality.
"The first thing to remember is you mustn't spend all of your time starring at my c*nt underneath these panties. You should be quite business-like when you look at my panties, to do your inspection because this is NOT an excuse to get an easy f**k." Katie massages her white cotton panties both inside and out. Her tone is charming and erotic. "...Like to inspect the panties of other women too... Imagine the Miss World competition. She giggles...And just imagine they have created a competition, where one lucky guy gets to inspect the panties of all the women...You are that man... ...All their panties, that have been worn for twelve hours have been put into a little pile and you have five minutes to sniff and select and mix and match them. You're been given a box full of pretty panties and a line up of the most beautiful pussies in the world. If you can match the right panties to the right girl, you get to f*ck her. And her emphasis on "f*ck her" is cock stirring. "And if you get more than one right you get a girl for each day of the week."

"I'm going to f*ck myself with my panties..."

"I'm going to push them deep inside my c*nt..."

"Love the taste of my panties especially where my pussy's been..."

"And when you give me my panty inspection I want you to wrap my panties around your cock and I want you to f*ck me with them."
Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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