The Louise Hodges show starts at Louise`s house with her insistence on wearing a smart red business suit. Climbing out of her Silver BMW Z3, she enters the house, climbs the stairs into the upstairs bedroom. Slim, gorgeous, looking like a powerful, female super boss, you'd love to ball! I left her to sort out a few feminine things and waited at the bottom of the stairs for her to saunter down right over my camera - tan stockings, white suspenders and little white cotton panties - pristine or soiled? Oh what an opportunity for a panty inspection!

Some stair footage and into the lounge for skirt lifting, panties down, crouching, laying or sitting on the sofa - camera between her legs, simultaneously showing her smiling face whilst looking up her skirt! A change of outfit... a beautiful blue printed, summer dress, giving you "wood". On the stairs again, but standing over my camera, tanned bare legs looking right up to her little pale pink cotton panties.

Up to the bedroom and Louise slinked onto the bed and gives us that LOOK translation; an imminent mind blowing up-skirt panty display - panties pulled tight up into that heavenly grotto.
Nostalgic's treat: (A private short performance of Louise, with plenty of explicit c**t and ass peeks ) available now on the Nostalgic DVD release, "Cutting Room Capers".

Meanwhile, Louise - hair back, lacy white blouse, pleated check skirt, white cotton panties, tan stockings and heels, sexy as a wet dream. Down the stairs SLOWLY, up-the-skirt peeps to make you ejaculate; eye and c**k delight!

And although panty is our preoccupation, Louise has wonderful fulsome breasts. All domestic in the kitchen, Louise pulls her skirt up, front and down the front of her cotton panties, filmed from above and below - low, low, low! She touches herself inside her panties - sucks her finger which has been on that naughty pussy. Some discreet pussy views too. This DVD with horny up the skirt action with occasional under panty peeps is a must for the attentive student of upskirt panty tease...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Originally analogue mastered - Remastered in DVD - Music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes) Buy Now!!

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Louise Hodges 1 Secret Voice Dialogue Sampler

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