After 5 years Nostalgic finally managed to track this sexy little 5` 4`` blonde sex bombshell, Lucy Gresty, down in the next village. Although Lucy`s looks 19/20 here, she's fractionally older. We wanted to get a really feminine soft look to the proceedings and the gorgeous Lucy donned a flowing printed summer dress, tan stockings, white panties, white suspenders, and white high heels! She continues to read some literature - while you look up her skirt to her panties. With us so far? Lounging on the sofa, digesting her book, crossing and uncrossing her legs, then lying back with the dvdographer at the end of the sofa, gazing up between her beautiful thighs, laying on her side - a great bum and thigh shot! When she lies on her front, the camera on the sofa, found its place between her legs. Bliss!

As our picture montage plainly demonstrates, maybe a romantic seduction in her novel, encourages Lucy then on the floor, in the lounge, to give some trouser busting positions, including putting a few fingers between her legs and giving her panties a good stroke, pulling them tight right up her pussy! She stands up and the camera (and the dvdographers hand) right up under her dress! A little further boob licking (a pair to die for, all natural and firm) and gusset manipulation and it`s onto the next outfit - a summer top and printed skirt, bare legs, cotton undies and heels. On the stairs with us perving up under her skirt - you'll have some serious wood in your trouser region! Crouching on the top stair with the camera under her thighs...Oh woman - perfect thighs and tight little pussy in the up shot!

A little voyeurism as she walks down the stairs, getting up skirt peeps through the bannisters! More of this horny outfit in the lounge, with some panties down in the up shot, on the floor - panties half mast, filmed from the floor with her, knees together, ankles apart, and naturally panties fallen! Lucy then changes in to a bright blue blouse, black lacy bra, black lacy panties, black stockings, and black heels with a black mini skirt with little girly flowers around it - up-skirt galore, walking with the camera under her bum cheeks as she does so, thighs rubbing together. A red business suit will intensify your fantasy about a dominant woman, that you'd love to be subordinate to, begging to inhale and kiss her pantied crotch! Kneeling, on the stairs, a power dressed woman up-skirt everywhere, on the sofa with her relaxing back, Nostalgic's dvdographer, in front of her filming up between her legs, the most aromatic white panties, on; draped around her legs, and finally down. Need we say the DVD and ***k yourself stupid!...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more."(Originally analogue mastered - Remastered in DVD - Music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes) Buy Now!!

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