This time Nostalgic outdid themselves yet again and bagged an upper class lady. Natasha is a very well spoken and educated bit of totty with an enticing. cultured English dialect She has flawless skin, a body to get you erect at ten paces and a wiggle in her walk that will have you reaching for the Kleenex! Nostalgic were doing a shoot with Shannah Brooke when they were introduced to Natasha. They took one look and agreed... "now there`s some pussy our camera would like to get acquainted with"... And even when you get an eyeful of her sweet unshaven pussy, the accompanying panties are always draped around her legs as if longing for the touch of her wetness again. Very unique angles as illustrated by the pics here. She has the air of a fashion model that expects the best and a pussy that would never turn it's nose up at a delicate pair of white panties.

Natasha has the most f*ckable mouth you will ever see and you will be literally spoilt for choice with other areas of her body equally as winsome! There's plenty of close-ups for your edification and gratitude! Shot at her mates flat, she does numerous upskirts shots, and with her legs, IT will be soaring. At about 5` 10`` she loves spreading `em... and Nostalgic took full advantage of course and filmed in every which way imaginable.

Just 21 years old, a fantastic unshaved pussy, you'll beg for the key to her door. Short skirts, flimsy tops, pert little tit`s, a mouth that need`s a big hard cock in it! Buy this DVD and give your cock the entertainment it deserves...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt to their lacy panties for you and often a little more." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 60 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

Natasha Pommory Davies Sampler

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