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Pantiesism would like to introduce Donna, your panty seamstress. Your love of panties is the pleasure and special sensual feeling you get when you wear them, and that is true, for both men and women. A panty is a garment that adorns divinity, the source of our sexuality. Each whorl, and frilly meandering of pretty lace, beautifully encaptures the richness of expression.

This venerable piece of clothing, is both glamorous and it succinctly enwraps and encompasses; yoni; a spiritual concept and abode for the fruit and receptor of all life.

The touch of the fabric against the skin is soft like a gentle giving lover who teases, denies and then lovingly delivers. The colors of the rainbow present themselves to you. White is suggestive of purity, black the more elementary lustful forces of sexuality. The passion of romance is alluded by crimson, but just as the accompanying thorns with a rose, these panties remind us of the fleeting nature of romantic love. Our panty seamstress will skillfully, apply her artistic interpretation into your custom pair of panties. Pure, chaste or deliciously indulgent, your panty will come gift wrapped with the nimbleness and dexterity of a skilled artisan of her craft.

So,many have ideas of what their perfect panty or garment is.
"Let's talk about it and see if we can make it for you or know of someone who
might be able to."

Drop Donna an email with all your ideas and information. Please tell me your size and style you prefer.

Donna's email address or go to The Underwear Lady