Panty crotch and woman's beautiful pantied ass that fits snugly into many different pairs of panties - that's Robyn; clad in yellow panties, pink pleated skirt in disarray, riled up, as you gaze from behind at her bottom. Kneeling, the panties ride up the crevice of her ass. A closer view then of her standing, bending down. "Do you like my tight yellow panties?" They stretch across her fine derriere. "I really don't know what panties to wear? I'll try these pink ones!"Yellow panties come off and are replaced by an equally tempting pair of pink panties. Bending over accentuates her bottom cheeks. A little while's another strip tease show as the pink ones are substituted, by a white purple trim pair. They pass over "fuck me" silver high heel stilettoes, as the view reaffirms the beauty of her nether regions.

Lying on the bed, Robyn selects another pair from a pile heaped beside her. Her pantied buttocks follow, in close up. From an angle high above, we approach like we are a lover. Legs up in the air, panties clinging to her pussy and a little wider giving you an extended intense view of her crotch. She flicks the panties aside and rubs her swollen vagina. "I'm so wet. My panties are really wet!" Panties are doffed off and placed in a plastic sealed bag. "Hope you enjoy my wet panties!" and blows you a kiss. Our pictures focuses on Robyn's ass and equally wet panties, which she places in a sealed plastic bag after a 10 minute masturbation scene. The panties tightly hug Robyn's bum. Pussy shaved, she enjoys the taste of herself, insering her wet fingers into her mouth. Better than the finest wine!

For lovers of panty crotch you'll see Robyn in a red top, denim skirt hitched up, offset by those gorgeous white panties which will have you drawling and drooling to give her a lengthy panty inspection.
Most of this DVD are bottom shots of Robyn, wearing various full-back panties. She changes panties before your very eyes and in some of the scenes she poses, teasing and talking to the camera, while others her body does all the talking. Robyn's graceful slim legs invariably take you up to pretty pantied crotch or pantied ass in a girlie expose', entitled "Robyn's Rear."...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 45 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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