Suzy's nineth DVD; "Burlesque 2", for Pantiesism. Suzy wrote to us, showing us her wares and we willingly agreed to sell her DVD on site. Suzy concentrates just mostly stockings and panties. Suzy's Stocking Tops And Panties DVD revists our early beginnings of Pantiesism, where Nostalgic's DVD featured a similiar style. Suzy reveals to you, just her panty crotch and stockings, (not her face); Very erotic and soft core, with no nudity... from all advantageous angles. These 13 DVD are for the connoisseur. "Lovingly erotic for those who appreciate the fine things in life.."
(Music sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 57 minutes) Buy Now!!

Suzy 9 Sampler

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