Love panties nicely moistened by beautiful wet vagina? You'll love Tammi in her first DVD of modelling and panty tease, thus wetting a wide variety of panties with her damp pussy while you look up her short skirt, to her panty crotch - an extended hour long panty inspection. "My pussy's is so soft and so warm." Her very sexy voice consoles and excites during the entire production. Tammi wants to share, not a wine, with you, but her lovely wet panties, to suck, sniff and then she requests you to cream on them, (if your cock wants to soil the precious fragrance lingering there.)

"Are you looking up my skirt?" she cajoles and playfully asks ... "Do you like my panties?" As she tries on different panties she dwells on each pair, describing ... how they feel against her shaved pussy and look pulled up tight between her lips. After removing each pair, Tammi can’t resist the temptation to smell and lick her panties before she wiggles her cute bum into a new pair. If they are not sufficiently wet back they go to her pussy."Mmmm, my pussy smells so sweet." she says with a big smile on her face while she looks right into your eyes. "You’d like to smell my panties too wouldn’t you?" And it's not a mere cursory acknowledgement of panty, it is a prolonged adoration and adulation of panty. Her long auburn hair cascades across her face and her glasses set the scene for a sexy secretary fantasy, as she licks her way along the wet gussets, smelling and sucking the pussy dewed material. Licking panty and having her panty crotch licked is one of her favoured pastimes.

Pantiesism web site comes in for some playful scrutiny, as she monitors us on her computer, making comments about some of the other lovely models available and the panties that they wear, totally at home with your need for panty. She notes her friend, Ashton's involvement and isn't surprised to read on one of Ashton's DVD reviews, that she wants to tease cocks. Numerous panties Tammi tries, letting the panty ride up both her cunny and her ass. You get to view the action from three angles; her pretty face, and beneath, her pantied ass and her panty crotch. White, pink panties, see thru ones; polka dots, really, she could run a used panty emporium with the number she has. Wanting to bend over and show men all she has got, is just one of many secrets she confides. She even has a pair of tie up panties at the side that she sports.

Tammi got wet in the first Pantiesism DVD so she’s already been filmed for her second and third DVD due for possible future release. Tammi really turns you guys on (and the girls too!) - making you hard (or wet as the case may be lol). Tammi wipes her body with her wet panties. She is one beautiful lady that doesn't want the wasted expense of exotic perfumes, preferring to exude the earthy scent of moist pussy.

Tammi hopes you’ll enjoy her first Pantiesism DVD, "Tammi’s Wet Panties" which was shot using three DV cameras, one of which is a 1080i High Definition camera. Unfortunately, there isn't enough demand yet, for High Definition Bluray, so our Hi Def footage has been converted down, to standard definition on Tammi’s DVD, not Bluray, which are on the horizon for Pantiesism. Savour an ultra panty fetish release...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - Duration 66 minutes ) Buy Now!!

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