Jamie, licks her lips sensuously - a gorgeous nineteen year old blonde who visibly wets her panties out with an excited vagina. "Is it a wank show?", she asks, knowing that when you look at her panties; you will want to wank; that when she puts her hands into her panties and rubs herself off; you'll want to wank; when she fills in an idle ten minutes in the back seat of the car and pulls her panties coyly aside and sticks in a vibrator UP, you'll want to wank. Jamie's pussy show has her wiping her pussy to moisten the panties, to get the show started, you'll be wanking. Nostalgic paid her of course, but there is a prevailing nuance that she loves the tribute that all coming cocks silently pay her and she actively expects you to get off on her lovely face, panty encased pussy, tight little ass, (atop shapely legs) that tightly fit her denims, as she bends over. The pussy dampness stains in her panties confirm our opening statement. An abundance of upskirts to panty too in fields, where you get the lay of the lea...
"Naughty ladies who like to show up skirt, panty and then pussy." (Dialogue sound track - includes dynamic menu of scenes - (Duration - (2 hours 2 minutes) Buy Now!!

F l u i d i t y  i s  t h e  s e e d  o f  e n j o y m e n t

The Wet Series 8 Sampler

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