"The Warm As* - Wet C**t" Series. - A Grab Bag assortment of sweeties

Sunny Peters on her DVD spoke of a local saying, and "Warm Ass - Wet C**t", as inspired by her, sums up the focus of this series. All new footage, upskirt to panty - tease but SO MUCH more! Each DVD 2 to 3 hours long. Some of these DVD are interactive sessions between dvdographer and model, where the model is told what makes the DVD buyers cock's hot. Others, the models are filmed without audible camera direction. A few of these women are divorcee's and they really celebrate their freedom and are very comfortable with sensuality and sexuality. Some ladies are slightly shy and tentative about showing up their skirts to begin with, though gradually they become more comfortable and then anything goes! Others, you will have already seen in Nostalgic stock productions. Each DVD costs $47, (postage and packing included) Normal discount applies when you buy more than one DVD. You can buy all 8 dual-layered DVD for $228 (Postage and Packing included) (below) which is a huge saving.

DVD 1 Karlene Morgan At Home

DVD 2 Karen & Chanelle + Andrea Jones

DVD 3 (Uniform Heaven)Sunny Peters + Horny Housewife + Sarah Mills

DVD 4 Beverley Cox + Jamie Squires + Kitty Love + Georgette Neale + Gilly Sampson

DVD 5 Carla Jane + Cathy Barry + Shannah & Jodi

DVD 6 Brandi Shot + Jamie Squire + Kitty Love + Gilly Sampson

DVD 7 Karen Jackson

DVD 8 Jamie Woods


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