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Ariana, our blonde tease, is introduced in "Slips and Strips 21" - "The Key Of The Door" and continues an even more naughty tease in "Slips and Strips 22" - "Open Sesame"

Amber, is introduced in "Slips and Strips 23" - "Choose Your Partner And Position"; "Slips and Strips 24" - "Those Wonderful Scents"; "Slips and Strips 25" - "A Freudian Slip Of Her Panties" (special 25 th anniversary issue) featuring one picture of every model ever featured; and "Slips and Strips 26" - "Panty Day"

Jaimie, brunette and beautiful, panty tease extraordinary, stars in "Slips and Strips 27 - "Keeping Her Perfumed Garden Healthy And Happy".

Tracy, takes you on Safari in "Slips and Strips 28" - "On Safari - A Quest For A Woman" and in our panty tease issue of "Slips and Strips 29" is rescued by a gallant knight. YOU in "Sir To The Rescue Of A Fine Lady." In "Slips and Strips 30" "The Color Of My Loves's Panties", you explore and you get the chance to be her Panty Master. In "Slips and Strips 31", Tracy escorts you on a tour in "Panty Emporium Pussy."

Sky, in "Slips and Strips 32" - "Pink".

Phoenix features in "Slips and Strips 33 -"A Wife's Blessings"; "Slips and Strips 34" - "What A Girl Needs"; (pictured) above"Slips and Strips 35" - "White, Perhaps Pristine Panties"; (pictured) below

- and "Slips and Strips 36" - "Relaxing After A Commanding Day At The Office".

Kammy introduces herself in "Slips and Strips 37 -"The Nesting Instinct". and delightfully continues in Slips and Strips 38 -"Rent Overdue" and Slips and Strips 39 -"Hidden Treasure". To round off this series, Kammy is your delightful -"Milk Maid" in Slips and Strips 40.

Leigh introduces herself in "Slips and Strips 41 -"Perfumed Panties".and in Slips and Strips 42 -"Up". "Slips and Strips 43 explores the joys of a - "Panty Inspection"

and Leigh in"Slips and Strips 44 - "Inside Charms"

From Issue 45 onwards we have pictorial reviews of our productions. Jodi, right introduces herself in "Slips and Strips 45 -"Lick". and Jodi and Shannah are Slips and Strips 46 -"Kiss"

Tammi entertains in "Wear'N Sniff", above in "Slips and Strips 47

"Panty Tease Pleasures "Slips and Strips 48

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