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In June 2002 the first issue of "Slips and Strips" was published online. In those early days our free subscription list was a modest 10 or so people. Now it stands at approximately, 4,473. Peak subscriptions were 5,195 Kylie, graces "Slips and Strips 1, 2, & 3". Kylie is also available on Pantiesism in 1 DVD.

Lovely Kaitlan - is experienced in "Slips and Strips 4" - "The Aspirations Of Kaitlan" - An insight into the new game, Pantiesism's Apotheosis, The Life Style. and "Slips and Strips 5" - "Seeking A "Panty Mistress". Kaitlan is also available on Pantiesism in 1 DVD. Anna rounds of the contents.

Claire, Anna and Voija pictured, enrich in "Slips and Strips 6" - "Panty Mistress's Aplenty" and "Little One".Voija is also available on Pantiesism in 5 DVD.

We showcase the tempting Melissa in "Slips and Strips 7" - "A Panty Teaser's Rise In Grace." and "Slips and Strips 9" - "A Passport To Pleasure." Melissa is also available on Pantiesism in 2 DVD.

In "Slips and Strips 8" - "Attendant To A Mans' Desires", Cindy is premiered, pictured, and much larger, absolute bottom right of this url. Cindy is also available on Pantiesism in 1 DVD.

"Slips and Strips 10" - "Panties and Scanties", shows us more of Cindy and Jewel, pictured. Jewel is also available on Pantiesism in 4 DVD.

"Slips and Strips 11", parades Venus in - "Venus Unveiled"

Have a dalliance with Michelle in"Slips and Strips 12" - "Mischievous Michelle"

Troy is on show in "Slips and Strips 13" - "Troy Tempts And Teases".

Joanne on exhibit in "Slips and Strips 14" - "Joanne's Joys"

Shannon left, is also available on Pantiesism in 2 DVD and Voija below right, invigorate "Slips and Strips 15" - "Expressions of Pantiesism" and "Slips and Strips 16" - "An Etude To Erotica"
Also Marcie left is inside "Slips and Strips 16".

Halo, an Asian temptress, is introduced in "Slips and Strips 17" - "Halo's Upskirt Panty Tease"; "Slips and Strips 18" - "Halo; A Geisha in Training";"Slips and Strips 19" - "Asian Assignations" and "Slips and Strips 20" - "Legs Eleven"

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