Victoria's 4th sensual adventure with Pantiesism. The last three DVD, 2, 3 and 4 have been in rapid succession. A twirl and with each successive gyration, more leg and our focus, white panty. Seated, she plays her legs and gives you a knowing look. Smiles and grins abound and flitter across her face as she entraps you into wanting her. Legs up - wide, smiling, she pulls her panty just that bit tighter. Then a fleeting peek from above. Love her red stilletoes and how her panties always catch on the stilettoes as she divests herself of them.

Now her panties need to be seductively lowered, standing up, replete with groomed but still somewhat hairy pussy. Erotic that she picks up the panties and tosses them on to the floor. She smells another pair of pink lacy panty, imbibing their sororific scent in deep ingestion. She dons them, in a process that is exciting, in its implicit feminine grace charm and experience. "I know how much you like skimpy panties, and I'm sure I know what you do when you watch me modelling them for you." completing a number of jack off signs with her hands.

Hips, panty play, includes close ups, panty partly down, she momentarily puts her hands over her pussy. The pink panties briefly dangle over her red stilletoes and she thrws her panties dismissively on to the bed. A white see though pair, smiling, enamouring your cock. My how these panties fit like a gloove. You'll love the colourful panties bestrewn on the bed. The green panties are rolled dexterously into a ball, destined for the warm and wet confines of her pussy. She's a magician as she states and can make the panties mysteriousl;y disappear up sweet "yoni". I know these are the views that really turn you on and make your cock happy. That's why I'm here to tease you." Many panty changes, fingering enhanced by wet pussy which she suckles on, being caught by you masturbating in your office - Bra and breast interplay are just a few of the delights. Victoria has just a slight growth of pubic hair above her vagina but completely bare otherwise. "My pussy juices taste really sweet." Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue and music sound track - Duration 40 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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