Victoria with the release of Victoria 5, "Victoria's Sister's Panties" now rivals (Ashton and Voija; both with 5 DVD releases apiece) Victoria is presented in a red tartan skirt, white top and lovely white panties. She discovers a number of discarded panties. "My sister takes her pants off and always leaves them on the floor. She is so untidy! I keep my panties in such a neat state, the way I know you like them to be." Victoria plays with them, putting them against her panty crotch, sniffing each pair, green panties and many other colours and hues. She is remaniscent of a wine taster, but with a much more alluring scent to inhale and enjoy. Victoria has a sensual pantied crotch, illustrated, as she walks towards you, with her red tartan dress hiked up suitably.

She holds her breasts and smells the blue panties and smiles both seductively, invitingly and teasingly. More panty sniffing. She licks the panties and rubs the tartan skirt, on her crotch. Lifting her skirt, displaying her panties kneading her panty crotch, briefly. Victoria casts the panties away and then divests herself of her own panties, revealing a closeup of her slightly hirsute vagina. Another pair of panties she uses, almost like wiping her panty crotch off, of her vaginal juices.

"You know my sister has such sexy panties. I love how they feel rubbing my pussy." It is a celebration of panties with them all being placed on the bed and the numerous panties commune and are festooned agaiants her panty crotch. Beautiful legs and a loving interplay of panty and pussy which we hardly need to describe - you appreciate this well. Tartan skirt off, a panty strip, pressing against a pink pair and then she is bathed in panty. Her errant muff is slightly open, a moist and pink syntheis. A ritualised panty insertion; as she feds the panties deep with in her. Poor love, for your entertainment, she endures, "I try hard to make you happy but it is really hard for me to push the panties right inside me. It is really uncomfortable and really sore."

"Do you like it when I stroke my pussy lips. Imagine your cock deep inside me. Do you dream about doing it to me? Rub your cock and think about it, right now!" Filmed In Wide screen "Pantyvisionarama"...
"A penchant and passion for pantied pussy." (Dialogue and music sound track - Duration 33.50 minutes ) Buy Now!!

A m b r o s i a   f o r   y o u r   p e n i s  

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