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Kylie's, (now known as Charlene Hart) panties lying in a heap on the floor illustrates a very wayward young lady who must learn tidiness. Kylie introduces herself and lifts her skirt, showing pantied ass and crotch. This 19 year old pantied cock tease, will make your cock throb. She compares each pair of panties, on her indoor panties clothes line, stating her preference; how she feels when clad in them, trying each in turn, discarding a pair as too much like a housewife's ones. Her panty clothesline speaks volumes! Despite her best efforts, at the office, tomorrow, her panties surely WILL smell of soiled, errant pussy. What can we do with a naughty girl and her expressive pussy?

Black panties and a beautiful woman. Kylie pulls the panties tightly up her, defining her private parts and demonstrates their many uses, including gentle bondage with her wrists bound with them. Kylie spreads her legs, pulls her panties down and inserts them up her vagina. Be entranced, mesmerised by her vagina and the resulting, exquisite peep of her black panties, teasingly being reclaimed out of her box. She sniffs them. Kylie gracefully reprimands you for having come when there is so much more of the DVD left.

Kylie has been at College (University). Her girlfriends were bored with their lectures and helped her write some very naughty limericks. They consist of various descriptions about a whore named Miss Randells, the actress of Bonely, lesbians and a banana etc, ("Lesbians like pussy" she notes.) etc. Kylie, in an enchanting British accent, whispers "cunt", giggling cheekily in a playful mixture of embarrassment and amusement, reciting clearly and eloquently. She runs her fingers on her panties/pussy after orating each verse and teases, licking her lips, as if anticipating, including panty flicks to console with views of her own womanhood. Later she offers you her panties to smell and lick.

Kylie is going to be interviewing a woman for a Pantiesism panty tease model. Kylie's criteria is - a nice smelling panty crotch and then interviewee will surely get the job. All the panties she wants the applicant to wear are placed on her office desk.

On the table, its time for a repast and Kylie serves herself up as a "panty box" luncheon where she has her legs in the air, in black high heels, panties, and black stockings. She massages her pantied crotch with urgency.

And she is not just a little panty teaser. Ok, she teases you aplenty in panties, but delivers wet pussy and the interrelationship between her panties and her peach of a pussy is never lost, even when right up her hot box! Two of the screen captures below taken from her DVD, of Pantiesism prose about beautiful women's panty crotch is right where you want to be, is included on this production. "This is my pussy, I like to lick it."She gives the panty crotch picture a kiss right on her own pantied pussy. When filmed, Pantieism's first intense panty fetish expose. (For more larger pics of lovely Kylie please purchase Slips and Strips back issues, and follow instructions there.) (Duration 61 minutes )
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