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DVD Orders Information

Pantiesism - for all your private panty t-e-a-s-e needs


Our shopping cart registers the title of the DVD you have ordered and calculates discounts. Add the titles you wish to order on each lady's DVD page. We recommend this ordering option! We accept Visa and Mastercard. We do NOT accept American Express. Your credit card statement will appear as billed to "GA & KB Pty.Ltd" on all processed orders.


Indicate carefully before you remit your order which DVD you want, your name, address, and Visa, Master Card (we do NOT accept American Express), your name/title on card and the expiration date. I will email you back with confirmation of your order.


Credit Card Three Digit Security Code.

Visa and Mastercard (Please include your three digit security code for credit card orders).We do not process American Express cards.

Visa And Mastercard Credit Card Orders Only

We ONLY process Visa and Mastercard credit card orders. If you haven't got either of those credit cards, then ideally obtain one, or get a friend to order for you. There are other forms of payment we may accept, but it MUST be a very large order. Contact the webmaster.

Credit Card Surcharges

Credit Card companies do charge a little extra for currency conversion. Please check for further information with your credit card company and it is wise to allow for this.

Shipped Promptly

All orders are dispatched promptly, by first class airmail, in a plain, tightly sealed package, usually within 24 hours, (except at weekends when we have less access to the office credit card facilities) from receipt of order. Please expect a wait of between one to two weeks as deliveries are not sent from USA or the United Kingdom.

Replacement Policy

Please ensure that your DVD are clean. Finger prints etc will render them unplayable. Wipe carefully with a soft cloth, on the playing surface. Sometimes a defective copy may slip through our checking process. Please return any defective DVD back to us at our P.O. Box address below, informing us of the problem. Always email us first. Once we check and confirm we will send you a replacement copy.

U.G. Productions
P.O. Box 1551
Crows Nest.
NSW 1585

New Zealand Customers

New Zealand residents can have a 50% reduction on postage and packing. The current postage and packing will show in your shopping cart, this reduction will occur on credit card processing.


If you live in a country that has restrictive censorship policies, you order our DVD at your own discretion. Should be fine for the majority of places in the world. We do NOT disclose erotic DVD or Pantiesism on the custom's declaration, but legally, we must describe package as DVD.

All Actors

Women appearing in our DVD are eighteen or over, and do so without duress or coercion, giving their services to Pantiesism for payment. Their details are on file. Pantiesism complies strictly to the USA 2257 law.


Pantiesism makes all reasonable efforts to keep your personal information private. We also can suggest methods, if you would like to order DVD but are concerned that others at your residence may discover them, upon postal delivery. Please write to us, if this maybe a problem for you.


All media available on this site should play in any DVD player or computer DVD drive and prices are in USA currency. However please check with your computer manual or DVD Player manual.

P.O. Boxes

We do send to P.O. Boxes and Private Bags.

Bulk Order Selection Discounts Specials For August 2009

      (2 - 4 DVD) = 7.5%
     (5 - 9 DVD) = 15%
     (10 - 14 DVD) = 25%
     (15 - 19 DVD) = 35%
     (20 - 24 DVD) = 40%
     (25 - 29 DVD) = 45%
     (30 - 117 DVD) = 50%

Postage And Packing

1 - 6 DVD = $10.00
7 - 13 DVD = $15.00
14 - 20 DVD = $20.00

An approximate guide above, though we cannot give exact costs, with our discount system coming into play and producing the occasional small anomaly. Higher bulk orders have postage and packing (shipping) values ranging from $25.00, $30.00 and a maximum of $65.00.

Sampler DVD

Please note, this 70 minute sampler DVD is included for free for every new purchaser of DVD. If you ONLY wish to order our sampler; Select Sampler DVD for $10.00, including, postage and packing.

Your shopping cart and the purchase of our DVD Productions has a security SSL shopping cart system.