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1.    Pantiesism DVD - Ashton

Ashton - straight from your deep, clandestine wet dreams offers her talented services in five crystal clear DVD panty tease productions. In her own beautiful, sultry, words; Ashton aspires to "Giving pleasure to your cock."

An expert cock tease - get lost in spread legs and lots of pretty panty crotch views as she gently and mischievously guides you to come.
Ashton 1   
Ashton 2  
Ashton 3   
Ashton 4  
Ashton 5   

2.    Nostalgic DVD


65 Nostalgic DVD (plus eight in the Grab Bag - see below) mainly concentrate on those up skirt to panty views that you love, inside or out on location, quiet country road, car, barn, green meadow, field or forest. That special "English" up skirt to panty view plays havoc with your manhood.

Cindy Read, (pictured above, first left), Melissa Andrews, (pictured second left), Amanda Dawkins (pictured third left) and Lucy Gresty (pictured last) grace and entertain you. Drool over many panty scenes where the ladies lift or position their dresses to please - gaze upon feminine panties.

And they do show their pussy but only after prolonged, lingering views of their pretty panties. Pantiesism has historic links with Nostalgic DVD (once Nostalgic Video) - great revisiting them. More Nostalgic DVD new releases to come, if we can get sponsorship. Nostalgic's 18 hour Grab Bag ($180 USA including postage and packing).

3.     Our Panty Tease Theatre is now a 2 Hour Free Sampler with every download order     

Exciting update! After our introduction, Amanda Dawkins commences the (upskirt) panty tease show. Ashton, (right), four samples in the download/DVD sampler, knows that her panties interplay with her pussy, makes your cock HOT. The curtain goes up and sometimes the panties come down...slowly...

Let our panty tease actresses frustrate and treat your cock, in generous helpings of online Windows Media Video selections, in large screen dimensions, from their respective Pantiesism, Nostalgic and Panty Lez DVD, in our 120 minute "Panty Tease Theatre". Please click and check  5 Subscribe first and we will send you "Slips and Strips" (free ezine) url. Access to theatre, cost $5.00 USA. Suggest you note down as theatre progresses, who you want to order; that is, if you have access to both hands. lol.

Immediate Access Email Webmaster Once you have "Single and Double Opted" in, at Vertical Response, directly above.

4.    Telegenetic Monthly Ezine(Free membership)

The gorgeous Kylie, (right). Her DVD - Available now, exemplifies the panty tease fetish, and was our first "Pantyette", featured in edition one of "Slips and Strips", June 2002. "Slips and Strips" metamorphed into Telegentic in about 2011. Please note; Because of costs involved, we now only send out monthly issues of "Telegentic" by email request, not through "Vertical Response"

Telegenetic - 10 - 1 hour, free digital monthly online erotica. "The attraction of cybernetic and telegenetic escapism, a harbinger to intense experiences, rivalling reality."Sign Up Today!

* email addressed required. You must "Double Opt IN"


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Currently Issue 59 of Telegenetic available.

Please email for access to Telegenetic. Past issues are available upon request. Email

More information about Pantiesism's "Slips and Strips" Archive


5.    Panty Tease 2 hour Sampler:

On a reasonably fast internet connection.

With a PC, not usually an Apple Mac, unless, windows compatible.

Firefox and Safari browsers fail to render download.

Also our sampler DVD comes with every DVD Order.

Pantiesism and Nostalgic women screen either in our free Panty Tease Download Sampler available with any download purchase


6.    Email

We answer ALL email promptly. No reply means - either our or your server's spam filter has blocked the email. Please retry, preferably from a new email address.


7.    Dispatch Times/DVD Shopping Cart


All our media - high quality DVD are dispatched weekdays within 24 hours - 48 to 72 hours on weekends.
Use our shopping cart with a Secure SSL ordering system when ordering DVD.

Always Check Bulk Order Selection Discounts

8.    Media Format Choice/Source

Four Media Formats On Pantiesism:

1. DVD

2. Windows Media Video (WMV) (Online media order; download)

3. mp4 or m4v(Mostly online samplers)

4. USB (By request in DVD Order)

Media Sources:

1. Clips4Sale store

2. 2 hour Sampler panty download DVD, includes most of our panty tease ladies

3. USB   

4. By each DVD "buy button" as short sample downloads.

5. Full DVD Downloads

9.    Specialist Needs

Check our "Fast Select" for a specialist genre list, in our panty tease and upskirt DVD collections. You love women smelling their panty or panty stuffing or/and you love a woman saying c*nt? A welcoming panty tease or a shy or aloof style might be your stiff cock's preference. Styles and colors of panties also are a hot topic - etc. Please email us if your criteria is not listed above in "Fast Select".

Lesbian women, your refined needs are not forgotten - we personally recommend "Nostalgic DVD" 10 up skirts to pretty panties DVD (music soundtrack) series.

10.    Pantiesism Apotheosis - The Way Of Life


Creative, imaginative, sensually and sexually adaptive people will enjoy this gateway into the Panty Realm. Once you have sated yourself with our panty tease DVD then it is time for more mellow, loving expressions.

Role Partners

Email for Extended Details.

11.    In Service DVD

We may produce a series of DVD where you will be "In Service" to a panty mistress. This likely will be when future funds allow. However your positive feedback on this idea, will speed up this process. Email for your endorsement.


12.    Private Business Investment

When you want to make a private business investment in Pantiesism, or would you like to make, sell or commission upskirt or panty tease DVD?
Email Us


13.    Used Panties Future Service

      Have you a love and desire in the models/actresses, used panties, worn and sometimes soiled and then smelt on their/our DVD?
Once you have signed up at Vertical Response to get both on "Pantiesism" used panties update list, you will receive, as a bonus, a short sample mpeg, of Amy from British Bombshells 2 DVD, placing her used panties into a tightly sealed bag for a lucky client, some three years ago. This used panties source will come from the models when we film in the future on DVD releases.
Used Panties Update

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14.    Wide Screen and High Definition

You deserve to view Deejay, (top left) Dollie, (top right) and Lynika (above) in High Definition and Widescreen. All Pantiesism new release master footage is in High Definition and Widescreen which will be converted to the standard DVD sized format, unless we hear from you. Would you like your DVD in either of these options? Sufficient response will change our minds.
  Please Email with your comments and opinions.


15.    Google Success

If you enter either "Panty Tease" or "Panty DVD" or similar word combinations, in Google, Pantiesism is first entry and also has a Google (PR) Page Rank of 3.